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Introducing Train at Home: Week of March 23rd to 28th, 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope that all of our students, their family members, and their loved ones are staying safe and healthy during this uncertain time in our world.  While we are all facing new challenges and changes to the way we live every day, we want to make sure that all of you can continue on your journey in Tang Soo Do.

We have introduced training at home for each of our students.  We will be giving out weekly curriculum assignments, which mirror what you would be learning in classes this week if the school were open.  By following these assignments, you will have a good understanding of your curriculum so when we do reopen for classes you will not have fallen behind on your training.

Once you do your training – which we recommend for 30 – 45 minutes, at least 2 times per week (more is always better!) then parents please email the school, and you will be recorded for your class credits for this week.  If you want to send photos or videos of your family training – even better!  Parents – there is no better time than now for you to get actively involved with your child(ren)’s training.  NOTE:  Due to the high volume of emails expected, you may not get a reply for classes being recorded.  But trust us – they will be credited!


Below are the individual assignments for each belt group.  If you have any questions on the training, or how to implement it – please email the school and we will help as soon as possible:

Here are the assignments for each belt:


Little Dragons

  1. Practice your Little Dragon’s Creeds
  2. Practice your Little Dragon’s combinations up to your ranking.


White, Gold, Orange, Green Belts

  1.  Download your study guides and practice. on your Black Stripe #1-Student Creeds or Word of the Belt
  2. Watch the videos for your Black Stripe #2 and practice learning your combinations.


Purple, Blue, High Blue, Red, High Red, Low Brown

  1.  Download your study guides and practice on your Black Stripe #1 -Word of the Belt.
  2.  Watch the videos for your Black Stripe #2 and practice learning your One Step Sparring IN THE AIR ONLY.


Brown, High Brown, Conditional Black Belts, All Black Belts

  1.  Download the Ten Winning Traits Sheet and practice all of your Words of the Belt
  2. Practice all White, Gold, Orange, and Green Belt Combinations.  Remember – you will be testing on these at Black Belt Testing
  3. Review your One Step Sparring Up to your belt rank.  Practice IN THE AIR ONLY.
  4. PREP CYCLE STUDENTS – Stay on top of your book.  Now is a great time to catch up on any missing weeks of your physical requirements.
  5. PREP CYCLE STUDENTS – please make sure to email proof of your run.   The run does NOT need to be completed outside.  You can run on a treadmill, or even run in place to hit the required amount.  Remember – your safety and health comes first.  Brown, High Brown, Conditional Black Belts – 5 Miles. All Black Belts – 7 Miles.