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Little Dragons Classes

Beginner Little Dragons Classes Enrolling In September

Kids Martial Arts in Lakewood

Our Little Dragons program is designed for the younger students. If qualified, students may start the Little Dragons class as early as 3 years old. In these classes, the students learn the fundamentals of martial arts, which are the basics for a lot of activities. While balance, coordination, control and timing are just a few of the physical elements our students learn, they also learn about focus, self-discipline, respect and teamwork.

We offer a safe and friendly environment for all children, so you will have a piece of mind knowing your child is well taken care of. At Seo's Martial Arts Academy, we take pride in our highly trained and dedicated instructors; who are accustomed to working with kids of all ages and fitness levels. We ensure that each class will be set to the appropriate pace, and no child will get left behind.

Little Dragons Classes is the Best Activity for Young Children 

If you want to give your child a new hobby that will teach positive habits, then Little Dragons at Seo's Martial Arts is the place for you! And the best part? These positive habits won't just stay on the mat; you will see huge results at home too! We teach leadership skills, respect for others, courage, and so much more. The benefits of our Little Dragons program are second to none.

Below are just a few of the added benefits your child will experience:

  • New friendships and a sense of community
  • Improved focus and attention span
  • Increased patience 
  • Taught good manners and polite behavior
  • And so much more!

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We proudly serve the Arvada, Lakewood, and Thornton areas.

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